Apprentice to the Dawn: A Spiritual Memoir by James C. Ingebretsen


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“Let us nourish the merciful hope that those who read the story of the life of this remarkable man will be similarly touched by the deific figure whose myth is intertwined, Caduceus-like, with the Hermetic life here described.”

— From the Foreword, by Stephan A. Hoeller, Ph.D., author of
The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead,
and Jung and the Lost Gospels

Apprentice to the Dawn is the spiritual autobiography for the 21st Century. Written by a brilliant, successful lawyer and businessman who midway in his life underwent a mysterious spiritual awakening, it tells of his search for inner knowledge. James Ingebretsen sponsored the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell, philosopher Gerald Heard, journal pioneer Ira Progoff, yoga master Pir Vilayat and many other important guides of 20th Century thought. In the late 1950's and early 1960's Ingebretsen invited them to his remote retreat center where they generated ideas that revolutionized the world in the late 1960's and early 70's.

If you do not know the name of James C. Ingebretsen it is because, though he was a powerful man, he was also truly humble. In this memoir of his explorations, he integrates for the reader the major spiritual disciplines of the world, shares his growing understanding of the feminine principle in the divine, and, at the age of 92, reveals his own post modern and startlingly profound comprehension of what lies beyond the threshold of death.

Apprentice to the Dawn isn't a mere accumulation of radiant insights, though. It is an enticing narrative, marked by crafted prose and urbane humor. James Ingebretsen approached the writing of autobiography itself as a spiritual discipline and dedicated himself to the task with the care and intelligence that characterize all aspects of his long, well lived life. Here you have the story of a sophisticated man of this world who climbed a ladder of the spirit beyond where few have dared.

— Tristine Rainer, Director, Center for Autobiographic Studies,
author, The New Diary and Your Life as Story


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